Renovation update – Looks like we made it!

by Jenny Nehrt, Student Assistant Home at last! Fall semester has begun and Special Collections is finally in its new Reading Room! We boxed everything up in our former location Thursday, carpet was laid on Friday,  and the movers came Monday to do the heavy lifting. Now we’re settling in and loving the new space.  The space feels even more spacious with the windows that look into the open stacks of Carrier’s second floor.

Renovation update – Craftsmanship in action

By Cara Lundgren, Student Assistant To the windows! To the walls! Special collections’ windows are finally more than holes in the walls! Our local woodworking experts, Jim and Louis, have expertly crafted window insets to mirror the way the original interior windows look. To do this, they chose the appropriate wood and melded together various pieces so that the new wooden pieces would like just like the older ones. Here, they are sawing the molding down to size. Louis is on the left. Jim is on the right.