Homecoming Flashbacks: Class of 1980

In anticipation of JMU’s 2015 Homecoming, Special Collections highlights the Class of 1980! We hope to see many of you returning to the ‘Burg this weekend.


by Kaitlin Scott, Special Collections Intern

JMU’s class of 1980 experienced many of the same things that students do today. Students are still up till midnight or later trying to finish their papers, drinking coffee constantly to stay awake and running into classrooms with completed paper in hand 5 minutes before class starts. How students actually wrote those papers has drastically changed.
student at typewriter
It looks like Wite-out (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wite-Out) might be useful at this moment.

Biking continues to be a popular mode of transportation at JMU. In 1980, students were feeling the after effects of the gas shortage and ever-rising gas prices. The limited number of parking spaces and health benefits haven’t changed in the past 35 years.

Snow picture
A big change? In 1980, classes weren’t canceled for 10 inches of snow, even if it did happen in October.

The Godwin Steps were replaced in 1980 due to the dilapidated condition of the wooden stairs. Students dread that climb just as much as they did then, though we appreciate they are safer these days.

duke dog III
Dukes still pack the football stadium and Convocation Center to support our athletics! We will never forget we beat Virginia Tech in 2010, just like the class of 1980 will always remember defeating VCU in basketball and celebrating with their new mascot, Duke III.

Spagetti picture
Students today still love D-Hall and all it offers! For the Class of 1980 it was spaghetti while the Dukes of today love grilled-cheese Thursday. The class of 2019 will be the last class to eat in the building as we know it today. Gibbons will be replaced with an updated facility, with work beginning Summer 2016.

Artists of all kinds visit JMU to share their skills, and sometimes sell their wares. 1980s grads will remember this artist, and might still have some sketches somewhere stashed away.


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