Homecoming Flashbacks: Class of 1995

In honor of JMU’s 2015 homecoming this week, we take you back to 1995!

by Kaitlin Scott, Special Collections Intern

The world outside JMU was changing in 1995. The Major League player’s strike would ultimately call off the playoffs and the World Series. The O.J Simpson trial would soon have the country glued to their TV’s. Diplomacy averted an American invasion of Haiti. Upon their return to JMU in August 1994 for their senior year, the class of 1995 found the campus had changed as well.

Throughout the last school year, the third floor of Carrier Library had been under construction and students returned to see the building a bit bigger than they remembered.
Carrier third floor

JMU opened the last residence hall on the quad: Wampler Hall. It was the first air-conditioned Bluestone hall, and boasted a large screen television in the TV lounge. The convenience of the elevator made move-in a breeze for students and parents.

A constant source of change was, and is, the weather of the Valley. The weather could change on a dime, as the 1995 yearbook shows:
lakeweather stormy

JMU took student safety seriously. In addition to the Campus Police Station and Campus Cadet program, emergency phones were installed outside each residence hall and near D-hall, the bus station, and PC Dukes. Residence hall security also became a priority as Campus Cadets began to lock the residence halls at 8pm and unlock them again at 7:30 the next morning.
campus cadet

In the fall of 1994, all three candidates running for Senator came to JMU. The event was co- sponsored by the JMU organizations of the Young Republicans and Young Democrats. The three way race between Oliver North, Charles Robb and Marshall Coleman resulted in the reelection of Charles Robb.

JMU also had its first ever National Championship team that year when the women’s field hockey team became the first JMU team to win a National Championship that year. The exciting final with UNC-Chapel Hill, tied 1-1, was decided by a penalty shot.
field hockey 2

field hockey

For a year with so many changes, we’re glad you stayed the same. Welcome back, Class of 1995!


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