Homecoming Flashbacks: Class of 2005

In honor of JMU’s upcoming 2015 Homecoming, Carrier’s Special Collections features highlights from our class of 2005!
Homecoming 2004

by Megan O’Neill, Special Collections Graduate Intern

Students rally and cheer for their Dukes in the 2004 Homecoming game, the last Homecoming for the Class of 2005 as undergrads. School spirit has always been an essential aspect of the JMU lifestyle, and these students are no exception. Imagine how spirited everyone is going to be at this year’s Homecoming, especially with our undefeated record and ESPN’s College GameDay coming to campus!

During their senior year, Furious Flower Poetry Center hosted its second poetry conference, featuring prominent African American poets and writers from across the country.
Furious Flower
This conference is only held once every ten years, and JMU just celebrated its third one last year. JMU has always made a space for art on its campus, and this conference is just one example.

Parents of the year pose with the JMU Duke Dog during Family Weekend, another JMU tradition that remains highly popular, influential, and spirited to this day.
Family Weekend

Relay for Life is another JMU tradition, though arguably a more emotional one than Family Weekend or Homecoming. This relay was held in Bridgeforth Stadium and went from seven in the morning until seven at night. Our current relays have moved to the Hillside Lawn, where the next morning a track from walking has been flattened into the grass from the nonstop, twenty-four hour event.
Relay for Life

Also another annual JMU event: Greek Week. Here, we see some Tri-Delts performing during Greek Sing. Greek Week entails the sororities and fraternities banding together for fundraising and community celebration.
Greek Sing

The tenth annual Take Back the Night was held in conjunction with the Clothesline Project, both events aimed at raising awareness of sexual assault and domestic partner violence. These events are two of the more impactful, emotional, and evocative of the ones JMU puts on.

John Douglas Hall, as James Madison during Madison week, talks to students on the Quad. He was the traditional Madison every year—it makes us miss James Madison Girl (Sarah Everett) as well!
James Madison Week

Perhaps the most emotional event of them all: the Class of 2005’s Graduation Day.

We hope to see many of you back on campus soon!


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