Procrastinate with Special Collections: The Audie Tilghman Papers

Happy Exam Week Eve! In the spirit of procrastination and putting off studying for finals, here’s a gem from the archives from an overworked, homesick student like yourself. May you feel a sense of solidarity in the fact that students have always dreaded finals.

img_1114In this letter, dated December 13, 1926, first-year student Audie Tilghman writes home to her parents as she had many times before. She begins by writing that she has no news, but quickly turns to the topic of finals. She writes: “I know only one thing and that is that we begin exams next Monday. Gee I would be so thrilled over going home if it wasn’t for exams, but as it is I have to have a fight with myself to get my mind on my studies.” The (internal) struggle is real, folks. She goes on: “Here it is 9 o ‘clock and I haven’t looked at my lessons yet.” Sound familiar?

The Audie Tilghman Papers are open for research ( and available anytime Special Collections is open (M-F, 11-4). The collection offers beau coup material to distract you from your regular school work. Just sayin’.



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