Renovation update – Lights! Camera! …

by Jenny Nehrt, Student Assistant

Lights! Camera! Action!  Yes, lights!  The new lights were installed in the reading room and the look great! Per their description, they give the room a bit of an art-deco feel.  IMG_16501

The electricians are working hard, making sure the wiring is where it’s needed and ready to turn on as soon as possible.

It’s not just the lights that are moving along.  The windows have all been installed, set and cleaned. The plastic has been removed, giving the room the airy feel we knew would happen all along.

Here you can see out the new windows into the open stacks area of Carrier Library.

The reading room’s new location will be more accessible to users and students will be able to see the daily goings on in the Special Collections Reading Room. Researchers will also be able to see the Special Collections staff through these interior windows. IMG_16431

Each visit to the reading room shows another big step towards the finished product. Hurry back next week to see what happens next!  As always, you may find us in our temporary location of Room 220, and open Monday – Thursday, 9 am – 5 pm.


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