Renovation update – Looks like we made it!

by Jenny Nehrt, Student Assistant

Home at last! Fall semester has begun and Special Collections is finally in its new Reading Room! We boxed everything up in our former location Thursday, carpet was laid on Friday,  and the movers came Monday to do the heavy lifting. Now we’re settling in and loving the new space.  The space feels even more spacious with the windows that look into the open stacks of Carrier’s second floor.
enhanced3 copy

The window between the Special Collections Office and the Reading Room brings in even more light.  More importantly, it makes it easy to call in the big guns to help answer questions from our researchers.
enhanced2 copy

The large windows provide an abundance of natural light!  In addition to cheering the overall mood of the room, it will aid in reading the sometimes small script of older manuscripts and type in our many rare books.enhanced1 copy

Our furniture is the same, but our researchers now have brand new lockers for their bags and coats.

Now that we are in our permanent location, we are ready for the slew of classes, researchers and students to use our lovely, airy space.  Please feel welcome to simply stop by and see the renovated Special Collections Reading Room and Office in Carrier Library, Room 203. We are open Monday through Friday 10 am – 5 pm.  We look forward to your visit!


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