Renovation update – The Devil’s in the Details

by Cara Lundgren, Student Assistant                                                                Doing anything well is all about paying attention to even the smallest detail, especially construction work. The effort that goes into building a functional, attractive, and safe space is astounding. The rub, of course, is that this work is often overlooked, no matter how important.

However, the Special Collection student assistants have been photographing some of those details, so that everyone might appreciate the excellent work being done on renovating our Reading Room!
For example: measurements and spatial knowledge are key to a job well done. To ensure that things work properly, the HVAC workers have written on the walls where the thermostats are going, so that they make sure that the wires line up, and it’s not covered up by another group’s work.

Other changes in the renovation include completing the crown molding in the Reading Room.

The ceiling still awaits attention.

The shiny new duct work connects through the dividing wall between the Special Collections Office and Reading Room.

There have been a number of people contributing to different parts of the renovation. Here are two of the workers currently working on the room. Thanks, guys!


Once all the work is completed, and we are back in our space, researchers will be able to look out our windows and see this lovely view!

Until then, come and visit us in Carrier Library, Room 220. We’re here Monday – Thursday 9 am – 5 pm.  We’ll be back next week with more pictures and updates!




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