Renovation update – Windows to the soul (of the Reading Room)

by Jenny Nehrt, Student Assistant                                                                     Home, sweet home! Well, not quite… Improvements are being rapidly made, though! As you can hopefully see through the plastic, there is space for the windows that will be located on the outside of the reading room.  These windows will open the room up visually, but, more importantly, it will allow other students and visitors to see what goes on in a Special Collections Library. outside room

Inside the reading room, there will be an extra window! The cutout on the left will become a glass panel between the reading room and the Special Collection’s Librarian and Rare Books and Research Specialist’s offices. This will also open the space, as well as provide a visual prompt for the Special Collections staff to provide additional assistance to researchers.
wall cutout

The interior gutting continues as the crew prepares to install new lighting fixtures and prepare the crown molding. The carpet has been ripped out so electrical outlets can be installed. This will allow researchers to charge their laptops at their stations.
open room

Work is happening fast over here! Renovations are projected to be completed by the beginning of Fall Semester, Special Collections remains open in Carrier 220, Monday – Thursday 9 am – 5 pm. Come on by!


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