Welcome Freshmen!

By Jenny Nehrt, Student Assistant –

August is winding down but campus is only getting busier at James Madison University. Marching Royal Dukes and upperclassmen are trickling back to Harrisonburg, preparing for the upcoming tidal wave of Freshman. While each freshman class is different from the last, they all share some universal truths.

Freshmen girls used to wear a beanie, to distinguish them from upperclassmen. JMU Historic Photos Online

First, almost everybody over-packs. The first rite of passage in college is packing everything you own from your spacious bedroom at home into your car, hauling it up the stairs to the small room you’ll share with your roommate, and realizing you brought way too much stuff.

1995 Bluestone

Who would have thought a minifridge, exercise equipment, sound system, and small oven wouldn’t fit?

Parents: the best movers around. JMU Historic Photos Online

While the items we brought changed, the quantity did not.

Music has always been essential to dorm life. 1979. JMU Historic Photos Online

And of course, there are always a few outliers, who may not pack a lot but bring what’s important.

The alcohol policy on campus was more relaxed in the 1970s
The alcohol policy on campus was more relaxed in the 1970s

Dorm life has remained remarkably similar too! It’s a big adjustment for many students, who might be used to having significantly more privacy back at home. It can be a bit awkward meeting your new roommate at first…

JMU Historic Photos Online

But after no time, you’ll be great friends! Here’s to a great first year, JMU Class of 2018!


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