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Virginia Beach Sharks Suffer 3rd Loss in a Row in Week 5 (Game Note 4)

October 13, 2016

Sarah Winn

Associate Director of Communications


Week 5 Recap

The Virginia Beach Sharks suffered their third loss in a row after the Honolulu Megalodons safely sealed the win 137.58-104.42, pushing the Sharks down 3 rankings to 8th place in the league. Quarterback Andy Dalton led Virginia Beach scoring with 269 passing yards and 34 rushing yards, while Honolulu’s quarterback Derek Carr trailed shortly behind racking in 317 passing yards and 13 rushing yards. Virginia Beach’s Eli Manning, on the other hand, continued on a downhill slope only scoring 10.06 points with more turnovers (5) than touchdowns (4). Virginia Beach running back C.J. Anderson is following suit, unable to score in the past two of three games this season and Honolulu’s Devonta Freeman took advantage after a nearly 10 point improvement from last week. With a more matched competition next week against the Orioles, the Sharks seek to break their losing streak.

Matchup Preview (Upcoming match up)

  • Virginia Beach Sharks (2-3-0) will play the Oklahoma City Orioles (2-3-0) in Week 6.
  • Despite recovering from a recent hard tackle, wide receiver Mike Wallace is a leading scorer for the Orioles and will be a great matchup for the Sharks wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders.
  • Oklahoma City’s Julio Jones has carried the team the past 2 weeks with 57.9 points while Virginia Beach’s Andy Dalton lead with 64.8 points.
  • Virginia Beach quarterbacks have earned a combined 51.74 points over Oklahoma City quarterbacks.
  • The Oklahoma City Orioles broke their losing streak in week 5 while the Virginia Beach Sharks have racked up a 3-game losing streak.
  • The Sharks are ranked #8 in the league while the Orioles are trailing at #10. The Sharks have scored 60 more points than those scored against them, while the Orioles have scored nearly 110 fewer points than those scored against them.
  • The Orioles are favored to win by a mere 13 points in week 6.

Virginia Beach Sharks Season Notes

  • Running Back Jeremy Hill didn’t play the second half of the game on Sunday due to a shoulder issue, but has since reported that he is doing well and plans on continuing to practice and play.
  • Kicker Dan Bailey has had limited practice participation with back issues, but continued playing on Sunday.
  • Wide Receiver Tyler Lockett has been rumored to have a torn PCL, which may be an issue for the rest of the season.
  • Due to Hurricane Matthew, flooding and damage from trees falling continue to be an issue for Virginia Beach residents. Water restrictions have been recommended, which Sharks players will follow and additionally will help participate in disaster relief throughout the surrounding area.
  • Virginia Beach poll voters are evenly divided on the decision to spend local funds on a light rail from Norfolk to Town Center to decrease traffic congestion. Planning and polling is still in the works.

San Antonio Wins 4th Season Game

Adrian Peterson

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San Antonio Defenders Defeat Team Supreme

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