About STUDIO 395

STUDIO 395 was piloted in Spring 2015 by Professors Steven Reich and Andrew Witmer. The project emerged from the Digital Humanities and Social Sciences Institute at James Madison University, which equips faculty to design digital assignments informed by core Digital Humanities values. STUDIO 395 is the capstone assignment of HIST 395, an intensive semester-long introduction to historical research methods for History majors at James Madison University. The course guides students through the successive stages of an independent research project, from planning, to collecting and interpreting primary and secondary sources, to drafting, and authoring a polished twenty-page essay. At the end of the semester, STUDIO 395 provides an opportunity for students to communicate their findings to a wider public. Since Spring 2015, STUDIO 395 has been taught and developed in collaboration with Professors Raymond Hyser, Michael Galgano, J. Chris Arndt, Christian Davis, Yongguang Hu, and Mary Gayne; Christine Donovan and Kevin Hegg of Innovation Services; and scores of James Madison University students. For more information about STUDIO 395, or to ask questions or make comments, please contact Professor Reich or Professor Witmer.