About this Project

110 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn (center), as it appeared in 1922. Crane composed early sections of the poem here beginning in 1924. Courtesy of The New York Public Library.

“Hart Crane’s The Bridge: A Digital Resource” is a collaborative student project centered around Hart Crane’s difficult long-form 1930 poem. A product of a semester-long investigation of American modernist poetry, this site seeks to operate as a resource for students and scholars of Crane’s poem. Students in the Spring 2011 course “Fragments and Wholes: The American Modernist Poetry Collection,” under the direction of Prof. Brooks E. Hefner at James Madison University, have amassed a substantial amount of contextual and critical sources for the poem, fully exploiting the multimedia capabilities available in the digital environment. So, crack open your copy of The Bridge and click through the sights, sounds, and arguments about Hart Crane’s magnum opus.

The site is organized to follow the poem, though the poem itself does not appear due to copyright restrictions. Resources are keyed to sections and line numbers of Crane’s poem. Every attempt has been made to follow copyright and fair use laws in our use of images and other multimedia components. Please contact Brooks E. Hefner if you feel we have used an image without proper permission.