Augmented Comms Authors

  • Originally from Hampton Roads, VA, Caleb Gardner is a freelance writer currently working from Harrisonburg, VA. His non-academic work typically involves original content creation and/or the translation of technical language for the layperson, while, his academic interest often centers around music, subcultures, popular culture, corporate injustice, and poverty.
  • Originally from Annapolis, Maryland, Jack O’Neill is an Intelligence Analysis major at James Madison University with a concentration in national security. He is an aspiring data scientist with experience in data mining and visualizing big data. His passions outside of academia includes cybersecurity interests, startups, playing piano and finding solutions to difficult problems.
  • As an artist my goal is to integrate both technology and design. Light and movement have an immense impact, as light itself is a very unique medium— people connect to it in a deep and emotional way. Technology allows me to manipulate this light and control it in a specific way. Though it might not be initially apparent, I use nature is a big influence as well, deeply intrigued by the organized chaos nature. As an artist I try to capture this with my sculptures and photography. I feel we, as a community, judge art based on how we relate to it and/or it’s relevance to modernity. It’s because of this that user interaction is such a valuable tool; it instantly allows viewers to connect to artwork. I manipulate this by making my sculptures infinitely reprogrammed, rearranging in order to fit modern issues. I took time to make my work scalable, allowing my sculptures to adapt to the space. The scale of the piece alters the emotion you receive from it. A single piece can be mechanical, limited in motion, whereas a group of pieces tends to have a more organic feel to them.
  • Originally from Alexandria, VA, Zerubabbel Tessema is Senior Computer Science Major at JMU. He enjoys finding difficult solutions to simple problems.
  • Originally from Johnstown, PA, Adam Warren is an Engineering major with minors in Robotics and Mathematics. He is an aspiring Coast Guard Engineer with a love of tinkering, designing and building. His ultimate career goal is to work as an engineer for a government contractor. His interests outside of academics include running, drawing, and learning new skills.

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