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  • I am a junior Integrated Science and Technology major concentrating in Telecommunications, Networking, and Cyber Security and Information and Knowledge Management. I also am pursuing a minor in Robotics and Computer Science.
  • I am a Senior at JMU studying Computer Science and Robotics. I am pursuing a career in software development/engineering upon my graduation, but currently work in mobile and web development for my own projects. I have worked on engineering teams before in my robotics minor including building out an autonomous system to navigate hallways and classrooms and look forward to bring robotics and computer science experience to our team.
  • I am a senior double major in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication as well as Industrial Design. Each field of study lends a hand to the design and creation process, with an understanding of how to both communicate and execute ideas. My writing experience in both online and print forums in combination with my design and making experience through machinery and software (Woodshop, Laser Cutter, CNC, 3D Printing, Cad Programming) remains very beneficial to continued studies and our drones project with Cartagena's historic limestone walls.
  • I am a student of the James Madison University Honors College. My major is Psychology, and my minor is Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication. I also have an Area of Emphasis in academic study of creative expression. I plan to graduate this spring and begin working as CEO of a drones-based surveying startup.
  • I am a Senior Physics Major and Robotics Minor at James Madison University. My goals are to pursue a career with a defense contractor in the future after obtaining my M.S. in Mechanical Engineering.
  • I am a junior ('18) Health Science major (Health Studies focus in Pre-Physician's Assistant program) at James Madison University.

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