1880-1889 Russell

Unnamed Negro in Russell

Victim ID: VA1884060601
Victim Name: Unnamed Negro
Race: Black
Sex: Male
Age: 14
Job: Unknown
Method of Death: Hanged
Accusation: Murder of a 8 year-old white boy
Date: 1884-06-06
County Name: Russell
Mob Composition: Masked

Summary: A posse of roughly 30 to 40 men lynched a 14-year-old African American boy on June 6th, 1884, in Russell County. He was lynched for shooting an 8-year-old white boy during a disagreement while hunting.

The two boys were hunting and got into a quarrel over a nest of partridge eggs; shortly after, a fatal shot was fired into Willie Osborn, the son of a prominent citizen in Russell County. The African American boy attempted to conceal the body, however, he would eventually confess his crime. He disclosed where the body could be found, and the manner in which the body fell after shot. He was arrested, and held by the magistrate for further examination. On the night of June 6th, 1884, between 30 and 40 masked men surrounded the home where he was being kept and attempted to overcome the adamant guard. Several shots were exchanged before the guard was overpowered and the prisoner was captured by the mob. He was not taken far before being hanged to the frame of a gate (The Daily Dispatch).

News Coverage: The Daily Dispatch

Article Link (from The Daily Dispatch published on 1884-06-11)

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