1890-1899 Russell

Unnamed Negro in Russell

Victim ID: VA1890080901
Victim Name: Unnamed Negro
Race: Black
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown
Job: Unknown
Method of Death: Shot and hanged
Accusation: Outraging a married white woman
Date: 1890-08-09
City: Dickensville
Mob Composition: Unknown

Summary: An unidentified black man was lynched in Russell County, on August 9th, 1890. He was accused of outraging a white woman.

On Saturday, August 9th, 1890, a black man allegedly outraged the wife of John W. Gibson. After his arrest and preliminary trial at the Old Courthouse in Dickensonville, Russell County, the accused black man was hung to a tree the same night (Staunton Spectator). When he was found dangling from a tree the next day, his body had thirty-six bullets holes (Staunton Spectator).

News Coverage: Shenandoah Herald; Staunton Spectator

Article Link (from Shenandoah Herald published on 1890-08-15)
Article Link (from Staunton Spectator published on 1890-08-13)

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