1910-1919 Culpeper

Allie Thompson in Culpeper

Victim ID: VA1918112401
Victim Name: Allie Thompson
Race: Black
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown
Job: Unknown
Method of Death: Hanged
Accusation: Attacking a married white woman
Date: 1918-11-24
City: Culpeper
Mob Composition: Masked

Summary: Allie Thompson, a black man, was lynched on November 24th, 1918, in Culpeper for allegedly attacking a married white woman.

Allie Thompson was arrested for assaulting Mrs. Lelia Sisk and taken to jail in Culpeper. On November 24th, 1918, two men arrived at the jail with a man bound in ropes. The two men told the jailers, Tipton and Herndon, that the man in ropes was to be jailed (Richmond Times-Dispatch). Tipton and Herndon believed the story and opened the jail door. 15 masked men suddenly stepped into the jailhouse, overpowered the two guards and took the jail keys. After finding Thompson, the masked men quietly carried him out of the jail. Thompson’s body was found at sunrise dangling to a tree on Rixeyville Road three miles from Culpeper (Richmond Times-Dispatch). A coroner’s jury found that there was no evidence to identify the men participating in the lynching party. The Richmond Times-Dispatch claimed that it had been 40 years since a lynching had occurred in Culpeper County.

News Coverage: Richmond Times-Dispatch

Article Link (from Richmond Times-Dispatch published on 1918-11-30)
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