“Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I to my friends, I to my own heart, I to seek

among phrases and fragments something unbroken —”  (Bernard, The Waves)

Photo of original Spring 2015classThe Woolf in Time and Space website has been developed for and by the spring 2015 seminar of English 410: “Virginia Woolf, Feminism and the Bloomsbury Group” at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Dr. Siân White conceived the website as a digital humanities project that incorporated students’ digital production to engage with the spatial and interactive components of Virginia Woolf’s work. The website models the interests and theories of the Bloomsbury formalists, as well as modernists more broadly, by focusing on the visual and spatial components of non-linear textuality: students create posts that marry text and image with the linear timeline and spatial map. The project reflects the growing emphasis at JMU on the importance of the Digital Humanities, an interdisciplinary community that explores creative approaches to using digital technology in teaching and scholarship.

Photo of Spring 2016 classThe website features the final products of three multimodal assignments: a BioPost, a BlogPost, and a group Visualization Project. More details of the assignments can be found on our “Assignments” page.

With the continuing support at JMU of the Learning Centers and DigiComm, the Carrier Library History and English Reference liaisons, the Center for Information Technology, the College of Arts and Letters, the English Department, and the Digital Humanities Community, the site will extend across semesters to develop this resource cumulatively over time.

Questions or comments? Please email Dr. Siân White (white2se@jmu.edu).