Remixing is the art of copying, adding, and transforming a piece of art to make it the new creator’s own. Because we as a species are only able to work with a set number of lawsuits, there is not such thing as a completely original idea. Even the most brilliant musicians took lyrics and melodies from songs they’d heard elsewhere, the biggest blockbusters put forth large sums of money to recreate scenes similar to those of films that came before. Remixes are done to make something better than it originally was. An excellent example of this would be the telephone, a new invention in and of itself that would not have been possible if not for technology inventions that came in years prior. Interestingly, patents for this were filed by two different inventors on the same day.

For my remixing, I plan to use the Eberly article and Popcorn Maker to discuss the media’s impact on public memory, using video footage that relate back to the points she made in her article. Seeing and hearing real-life examples can often improve what the reader takes away from a piece as important as Eberly’s.