Regardless of whether it is immediately apparent, popular items are always copied in some small form of variance. For instance, today I was walking through Walmart and saw a cheap pair of tennis shoes that looked directly like a pair of Nike’s one might see at Dick’s Sporting Goods. The shoes had the thin outer layer of cloth and rubber, ruffled- resembling side paneling and even had a similar logo; yet the famous swoosh had been replaced with an eye lash shaped logo. This is an example that remixing is an ubiquitous action that lies subliminally all around us.


For my “remix” piece I am toying with the idea of using my second article, which was about the Text Clouds document. For my second article I used the website Music Map as my object, and I intend to expand that object’s capabilities using either popcorn of storify. I haven’t decided yet, but in some way I intend to show how similar bands connect and relate to one another in popular culture.