During Rosa’s article, “‘Everywhere you go, it’s there’ Forgetting and Remembering the Texas Tower Shootings,” it was hard not think of Web 2.0. The idea of this story is to show that because of the social nature of our society we now have decisions to make together. With a situation as horrific as the Texas tower shootings there is bound to be disagreements. As the caller of the radio show said, some people just want to forget the situation. Others want to remember it and honor it. Another party remembers things in a different way that exalts the wrong people. Anyway you look at it the point is that people are always going to have different opinions on how it should be remembered.

Life Magazine’s cover for the tragic Texas shootings

Although this tragic event happend long before Web 2.0, I still draw the parallel because of the social aspect of the recuperation process. In Web 2.0 we were given a chance to share with consumers. The internet went from being a one-way flow of information to an interactive, horizontal, social interface with many different users.

In this way, we can see that dealing with real life situations has to involve listening to everyone’s side of the story.