The digital object that I choose was the video The Machine is Us. As I was watching the video on YouTube The Machine is Us I learned a lot about technology and how humans are depend on it so much. The technology that we use makes humans be more like machines than actual humans. The video clip also shows the many kinds of theories and also it shows the different kinds of the methods being used throughout the video as the video goes on. The video is a clear example of how times have changed from writing on paper to typing text on computers in particular. Also the video shows how people used to write with pencil and paper on a regular basic to typing things up on a computer more often than we write. Another thing that the computer shows is that since there is an increase use of computers it seems like humans are becoming more relay more on computers.

There are many theories that are being shown in the video as I was watching it. One theory that was being demonstrated is how technology has changed the way that we write and communicate. Since the invention of computers there has been a gradual shift from writing things by hand which took longer to tying things one computer because it was faster and dependable? Also another thing that that can go with the theory is that at the beginning of the movie it makes a comparison between the paper and pencil and type text on a computer. Some examples that were given is that technology is more flexible, movable, and above all the best form of technology. Some ways that it can be true about all three of these characteristics but false in other ways. On flaw with technology is that if your computer crashes then you lose all your work not unless you saved all your work on a thumb drive. A true example can be that it is much simpler to carry work around on a computer.

The video also shows the kinds of methods that were being demonstrated in throughout the video. The methods that were being used was that there was a process at the being of the video that shows a person writing with paper and pencil the typing on a computer. Another important thing that it showed was the importance of hyperlinks. In the video it describes what a hyperlink is by showing how a hyperlink is the link that connects the internet to the World Wide Web. The hyperlink shows how the internet plays a role when we look for something or do something on the computer. Another method that is probably used is that that there is an increase in our communication skills on the web while there is a decline in using social skills in public settings. It seems like use as humans have become more comfortable doing things virtually more than something done physically.

The object I think is being compared is the pencil and computer. The video shows how humans have gone from wring to things on paper to just wring things on paper. The pencil and the computer also have their pros and cons. One is more dependable when the other one is not. Also the video shows that since we do everything on computers including writing and communication it is like the computer is controlling. In a way in which we cannot do nothing without computers.pencilvscomputer.jpg.scaled500