The article, “Solving Problems in Technical Communication,” by Richard and Cynthia Selfe is one that made me think. All the other articles we have read thus far have also made me think, but this article was the one I could most comprehend for myself. I was excited about this because I felt like I could have a bit of a different take on readings than most. In other words, I really like extracting the important themes out of text like this when my perspective is allowed to run wild a little bit. I think this class is a perfect place for such a thing and for that I am grateful. In this article the idea was presented of defining the undefinable: technical communication. Another idea presented was text clouds. This allows readers to take large amounts of information and see what is really important. I get the vision of oil and water. Oil floats to the top, kind of like a cloud, kind of like the important themes in an article (I know, kind of a stretch).

I am not sure exactly what I want to do for an object so far, but I think I want to apply Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea. This is my favorite novel of all time, and I think there are some really interesting themes hidden under symbolism and personification that could use deciphering. This is the same sort of idea as defining technical communication. I am taking something I know pretty well and defining the important parts, just as the Selfe’s did.

The Old Man and the Sea